Friday, August 21, 2015

Miami movers - How to choose the best movers in Miami, Florida

In the previous blog, we gave You a brief review for Miami and all the services provided by ABC Miami Moving and Storage at 786-930-4688. In this blog we would like to give You some information to help You make the right decision hiring Miami movers. The key details for a good Miami mover are:

1. How long has the moving company been in business?
Experience counts and a track record shows their ability to deliver every time.

2. Is the company insured?
Never use a moving company without insurance.

3. Do they have any reviews online?
Make some little search on internet about movers you choose, then read their reviews to make sure Your desicion is right.

4. What do their rates include?
Low rates don't necessarily mean a low final bill and the move without damages. The best rates based on their experiences and hours many hours the move takes. So make sure to ask them for their estimate and all material included. For example: Which kind of material the moving crew wrap and protect your furniture to prevent damages? How many movers will be on the job? How long will the job take? Are there enough hours in the day? Will you be charged if there is overtime? Does the moving company provide free on site estimates? Are there any other charge?

5. Do they measure doorways, stairways, elevators etc. in advance?
You will get overcharge if you are not sure they count for them or not.

6. And the most important is You have to know where You want your belongings to go?
Measure all your furniture and all the rooms in your new home. Make a scale drawing of every room and scale cut out furniture. Then figure out how you would like your furniture arranged in advance. Will it all fit? Do you love your new interior design? Having your mind made up before moving day will save you a lot of time while the movers are on the clock.

We are proud of being one of the top Miami movers in Florida since 1997. We have been continuously increasing our business as a reputable moving service provider of Miami metropolitan area, serving cities including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton plus providing a long distance service from any place in South Florida to any destination within the US.

Contact us to get free estimate for Your move at:
ABC Miami Moving and Storage
950 NW 89 Street, Miami, FL 33150
Phone: 786-930-4688

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